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About Our Bartender Service

wedding bartender

wedding bartender

Wedding Coming soon and you’re looking to hire a cocktail bartender for the date? When you hire a cocktail Bartender for your next event, we can plan the perfect party on a budget that won’t break the bank! Professional cocktail bartenders or entertaining flair bartenders we have the perfect mixologist to match any wedding or event! Fast, friendly bartenders and always with a smile on their faces – hire a bartender with the most cocktail experience for your wedding party in Northern California and let us handle the pressure for you!

Party Service Principles


Our staff is primed and ready….   Just like they have done this before, “if you know what i mean” Perform bar tasks in a professional business manner


Clean and neat is the goal we strive for when it comes to working our customers events. Whether its on the party floor or in the back of the house we strive to keep it neat.


If all else Be On Time!  We strive to always be on time. When on time the client can be at ease that the help is here. We don’t add to the stress of event day.


When it comes to ambition we have lots. We train our staff to help out as much as possible. Like if we see trash overflowing we take it out, asked or not we just do it. We are as helpful as possible.

Professional Bartender Service