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How to Determine If You Need A Wedding Event Bartender

Besides the bride’s wedding dress, the cake, the food, as well as the style, are other essential elements that make the wedding day a grand success. Having great drinks and beverages for your day require you to have an excellent bartender. In nearly every extended household, there are a few drink enthusiasts. They are very picky and they expect to mark the wedding with their favored beverage. The puts the stress on to find the perfect bartender that knows all the mixologist’s terms, as well as understands how to make a great beverage. This bartender will know just how to skillfully decorate every beverage like an expert bartender does.

Numerous Venues offer their own bartender services  and these bartenders have shown themselves to be very functional, however you might want to interview their bartenders. Most of these bartender server double duty as servers as well as back of the house cooks. Try to get permission to view their bartenders working. With this insight you might want to test other services.

Nonetheless, if you are permitted to bring in your own bartender service, you might be able to save yourself some considerable money. Usually the venues and catering companies will bill you at higher rate for their bartending services. The catering companies charge you take a great deal of money on top of the food service for insurance indemnification functions and expenses as well as pay the bartender. They do this to make an additional profit. If you, on the other hand hire  your own bartender for the wedding reception, you would most certainly come out on the cheaper side. you can bring your own liquor in, they might have the insurance for you FREE, and they do this all the time. If its not cheaper you will definitely have a better service experience.

To find terrific bartenders, you will certainly have to do some research. You can start your bartending search with family and friends and see if they have any recommendations of bartenders they may know or bartending services that they may have been in contact with. If you can’t find any resources from them, you can look in several other places like other venues, catering companies, wedding directories, and wedding magazines. (Please don’t just search the resources given to you by your wedding venue), You might get charged a blind referral fee or the quotes will consist of overhead charges I.E. insurance, travel, ECT. I cant say this enough, get in touch with other reception halls as well as banquet rooms, various other event caterer’s, high end resorts, high end restaurants particularly ones that will do rehearsal dinners,  country clubs and also golf clubs, wedding directories under caterers or rental services. You can also ask wedding performers such as photographers, videographers, disc jockeys, as well as musicians that have actually worked several wedding events and also are regularly learning more about bartenders whatsoever the places, ask your wedding vendors when you consult with them, if they recognize of any bartenders they would certainly suggest.

When your hiring a bartender you’ll need to learn all the characteristics needed to be a great bartender. You’ll want to give them a situational interview. The perspective bartender should have the understanding on how to set up his bartending station by their self well before the event, The bartender should know all the popular liquor without assuming. All of the high volume liquors set closest to them. The best bartenders can make all the popular and typical drinks from memory. He has all of these recipes committed to memory. The best bartenders can take a beverage orders as well as make all the beverages at the same time. When they set-up they prepare all the garnishes needed for the recipes (lemons, oranges, limes, olives, celery, and more) far ahead of time and sets up the ice buckets (beverage ice) to be added to drinks as they are made. The bartender should be friendly, bubbly and very courteous under pressure. They also need to be able to identify guests that may have had one way too many.

Bartender colleges are  terrific places to learn the bartending profession and you can also locate respectable bartenders there. For a packed wedding you will require a great bartender that has lots of experience in the bartending field as well as the bartending knowledge which only comes with time, You are best to locate a bartender with 10 or even more years of experience. You can additionally ask for personal references and business references from some of the companies or places he or she has actually worked.

What makes a great bartender?

One that gets to the event an hour early to setup the bar and is dresses for work on time.

Has knowledge of all the drinks, recipes, and they  can hold a great conversation.

Can prepare drinks utilizing both hands with a well definitive pouring style.

Is aware of beverage etiquette, drinking status, and intervention solutions.

No clutter in the bar area, everything has it’s own place.

Frequently used items are placed in easy reach.

Keeps bar area tidy, cleaning of glasses frequently done.

Prepares garnishes ahead of time with respect to guest count of event.

Makes beverages that take the longest to prepare first and quickest last.

Knows how much alcoholic mixers are needed for the bar.

Has the ability to keep in mind numerous orders in their head at one time.

Great Mixing techniques (stir, blend, mix, muddle, shake, or layer).

Knows how to change tools swiftly.

Keeps track of sales, receipts, deposits, tabs, as well as alcohol supply.

Cordial and professional interactions with staff and guests.

Keeps one’s cool, compassionate, and well-mannered under pressure from clients always.

If the venue where you are having your wedding reception allows you to host your own alcohol for the wedding, do it. Wedding Venues and catering companies have high charges for more than just for the alcohol. You can certainly save a lot of money if you shop for the alcohol yourself for the wedding celebration from your local liquor supply store or liquor market. Make sure you pick premium quality liquor. The very best liquor markets normally keep the store clean as well as they tend to stock better selections of alcohols in featured sections of the store (beer section, wine section, hard liquor section, etc). Generally a basic bar features vodka, gin (primarily for martinis), whiskey (crown or jack), rum, tequila (mainly for margaritas), and scotch. An excellent website that has a liquor overview for visitor counts is


Some details concerning alcohol and also bartenders. You should Plan on booking 1 bartender per 75 guests, if the bar is setup to serve to beer and wine, 1 bartender per 50 guests for a full liquor bar setup. If you are working with a thin budget, you can plan on 1 bartender per 125 max guests only if the bar is setup to serve to beer and wine as well as 1 bartender per 75 guests max for a complete alcohol bar. Remember kegs are less expensive than bottles, but bottles provide even more variety. Kegs can be a good option if you have at least 80 guests. But bear in mind, remaining bottles can be boxed up and taken home after the reception, where left over keg beer is lost. you can estimate 2-3 beverages per person. If your bartender is preparing the champaign toast, make sure to provide the bartender with timing of the toast. Give him at least 10 mins ahead of time to all setup the drinks. If your bartender is overworked he will not have time to pour the glasses for the toast.

Some wedding couples don’t drink alcohol and don’t want to serve alcohol or have a really limited alcohol menu at their wedding. Many guests, anticipate that alcohol will be served at wedding receptions and they are very disappointed if its not served. The best wedding receptions always feature an open bar. Some guests have the alcoholic desire, especially when they attend a wedding, they will leave early and also look for alcohol somewhere else in a dining establishment, bar or resort, if it’s not provided at the wedding reception.

An excellent way to run your bar, is to have a have a cocktail hour with an open bar before the wedding reception, shut down the bar during the main reception, then open the bar again for the wedding cake presentation and dessert service. You can keep it open for the entertainment and dance time. A cash bar must be avoided. Stay clear of if in any way possible, use only if the couple is severely strapped financially, they strongly reveal a cash bar and also they have a lot of drinkers in the family that demand it.

If the venue where you are having your wedding reception provides wine, the wine costs are probably sold at a very expensive rate. Look for permission to bring your own alcoholic beverages, you can pick up affordable wines that tastes truly great at local liquor mart. Try to grab both red wine as well as white wine and you’ll save substantial money, perhaps even better tasting than your venue has. Sangria is an excellent choice too. A great deal of wedding celebrations provide liqueur for coffee, this can be a budget beater. If the budget can cover it, include it. The liqueur in the coffee is excellent yet if you are pinching pennies you might want the liqueurs with the coffee, espresso, lattes, and also cappuccino.

If the reception budget very is limited you can simply be frugal with the bar and serve only red wine and white wine. You can also call a couple of your heavy drinkers as well and ask them what drinks they like. Take their input and offer only 3 beverage options. Serve only those drinks at the cocktail hour and at the reception. This enables substantial savings to your beverage bill. If you select having a minimal three beverages on the bar you could think of a color scheme for the beverages. If the color scheme is red you might serve three various shades of red beverages one with a dark red rum, one with a candy apple red, and also perhaps a bloody Mary. You could use a red color scheme with your bourbon choices also use a red mixer like grenadine to color the drink. Killian Red beer could be supplied too. You can color your drinks to match your wedding reception décor with nearly any shade, pink, violet, aqua, maroon, white, light blue, dark blue, eco-friendly, yellow, gold, purple, orange, brown, or white. Simply ensure the three drinks are made up from different alcohols, whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, scotch.

Don’t forget drinks for the children, make drinks that look like alcoholic drinks, like grape juice, apple juice, orange juice, fruit punch, lemonade, iced tea, and possibly sprite with some color. Do not forget the basic soft drinks like Cola Soda pop, Diet Cola, Melon Soda , Root Beer, and you should also have mineral water offered also.

Make certain you collaborate with your bartender about the alcohol choices, tell him/her your thoughts and he/she may supply their thoughts. Coordinate ordering the liquor, the garnishes, and the ice as well and see to it that all the glassware needed is ordered too. Your bartender will see to it that they have all of their personal bar tools and materials to make your wedding a success. Follow these suggestions and you will find a fantastic bartender, for many of your guests it’s the most important decision you can make during your wedding planning!

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