Behind The Bar, Happy Hour

Hi, I’m Michelle, founder and operator of San Francisco Bartenders – Mobile Bartending Service. We provide full service craft cocktail catering and bartending services to all of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco Bartenders is more than just a bartender only bartending service. We show up ready to take your beverage service to the next level. Our team of real world bartenders give rise to a better way to drink, encouraging your guests to celebrate like never before.

Our focus is on real ingredients, from locally sourced farm ingredients to your bar with conscious serving operations.  We provide a variety of seasonal craft drinks made-to-order with fresh ingredients. We provide fresh pressed juice mixers, in-house hand crafted syrups, and we use fresh herbs and spices to garnish our beverages. We do all of this to bring an awesome freshness to every drink. Creating a unique drinking experience. the San Francisco Bartenders eliminate the typical over counter mixers, that include things like, preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes, artificial sweeteners, and all of the unfamiliar ingredients we can’t even pronounce.

Our cocktails are refreshing, but let’s be real, It’s alcohol and it’s important that if you choose to indulge, it’s encouraged that do so responsibly.  Drinking in moderation is the key to truly enjoying the event. 

Cheers to a better event!

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    Your article was excellent and erudite. Thanks

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